100 People

Over the past decade, I have been making site specific, collaborative public art projects with Omaha-based non-profits who serve a community-based social justice mission. Partners include the Immigrant Legal Center, Refugee Empowerment center, InCOMMON Community Development, Omaha Housing Authority and Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance. For 100 People, I am designing, carving, printing and installing 100 individual 8 foot tall woodcut portrait murals of activists and advocates throughout Omaha.

The process of the project is straightforward: I invited models to my studio whom I admire. The model then chooses how they wish to be seen, wearing what they wish, posing how they wish and sending the message they wish with the full understanding that the image they are crafting will project that message for a generation or two, eventually being seen by someone who may wish to know something genuine about the model's view of the world. I then draw and carve the woodcut before printing it upon archival materials which are installed in every neighborhood I am able to reach.


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