Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance LEAD Stories

‘Lead Stories’ is a collection of portraits sharing the stories of people in our community and their first-hand encounters with childhood exposure to lead and lead-poisoning. Through thix work, Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA) and Watie White Studio are working to put a human face on the devastating effects of lead in North Omaha, a community that has faced lead contamination through multiple sources for decades. Every month, LEAD Stories will amplify the voices of both residents and community leaders in North Omaha, and shed light on real solutions to remediate the problem.

OHKA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring every child lives in a lead-safe and healthy home. In pursuit of their mission, they improve children’s lives by assessing homes, educating families, making infomred referrals, and connecting clients to home repair services to reduct health and safety risks. OHKA also focuses on policy issues and advocacy to help create a local and national infrastructure that supports a healthy home for every child. They are currently working with the CIty of Omaha to ensure residents are kept safe from lead and also have access to information about their own properties.

Brenda Council, Woodcut Print with Digital Text Overlay